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Our favourite coffee table books

Think the coffee table is not just for coffee? Think again! If styled properly, it can serve as a display of your favourite things and a conversation piece. Include a small collection of books, sculptural items to add texture, and small functional items like candles and coasters.

Designed by Stephanie Hilton Design

Displaying books on other tables like a sofa or console table are another way to show off your personal style.

Designed by Stephanie Hilton Design

3 designer tips to keep in mind when styling your table:

1. Choose a theme. Whether its colour, black and white, or topic, for example. If fashion is your thing, consider books on iconic designers. Love architecture and design? Taschen has a fantastic collection of affordable books on architects, designers, furniture and famous homes. When shopping for books, not only is the content important, look at the bind of the book, how will the books look when stacked on the table? Are the sizes proportionate to one another?

2. Keep it simple! Don't over do it, usually odd numbers look best, 3 is a good number of books for the table. Include a sculptural accessory to add texture, and small items like candles and coasters.

3. Where to buy. Amazon is a great resource for books, especially Taschen. You can also choose to bargain hunt the reseller section, you can get great deals on nearly new books. Indigo and Chapters have a huge selection, and because they are Canadian, you will find some unique books on our little country up North.

A few of our favourite coffee table books...

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