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If you are stuck with your kitchen layout, refacing your cabinets is a good solution to giving your kitchen a whole new look. Refacing is often confused with refinishing. Refinishing your cabinets means painting or re-staining. Refacing involves removing all doors, drawer fronts and other removable panels from your existing kitchen.

We recently hired Taylormade Kitchens for our personal kitchen to reface a dated oak kitchen that had a tricky layout and not much thought put into the original design. This is what we thought of the process. Don't mind the mess, we are still renovating :)

We had 9' ceilings to work with, but only 7' cabinet uppers. We added new boxes on top of the existing uppers to take the cabinets to ceiling height, adding tons of storage. which was seriously lacking in this little town home kitchen, and although the upper portion of the cabinets aren't easily accessible, they are a great place for your kitchen items you don't need on a daily basis, think Christmas and other holiday items and grandmas China.

The open corner shelves were wasted space on the island. Originally we had planned on doing plant-on doors (a fixed decorative door with no access) on the corners, but Taylormade was able to come up with a creative solution to allow easily accessible usable storage space.

We installed plant on doors on the back of the island face.

There were only 3 small drawers in the entire kitchen, so we changed all the cupboards (except the corner cabinet as space would not allow) to drawers with soft close hinges, which cost $195 each (any size).

The bulky and unattractive microwave cabinet was the first thing to go. We are not a microwave family so we opted for a custom made open shelf in its' place.

I had the steel frame welded (thanks Dad) and I did the walnut stained shelves. I used flat black metal spray paint, (way cheaper than powder coating and unnecessary as it would not be getting alot of traffic. I recommend powder coating for things like table legs that will see bumps and bruises). Total cost was under $100!

All in all, the refacing process was awesome. It saved us money, was not disruptive and gave us a whole new kitchen for a fraction of the cost.

Counter installation happens today, then it's time for tile, which I am still stuck on. Stay tuned for completed photos of this kitchen. Don't forget to subscribe to our site to receive updates, offers, new projects and designer tips delivered right to your inbox.

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