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25 best neutral paint colours

Selecting the right paint can be tricky, particularly whites and neutrals. If you have a paint project you have been meaning to tackle but couldn't find the spare time, many of us at working from home right now, so now is that time!

A few designer tips on how to select paint:

  1. When selecting your paint, try to do so in as much natural light as possible. Turn the lights off and on to see how it will look in the dark aswell as in artificial light.

  2. Look at your paint chip against a white background, not your existing wall colour. Competing colours will influence how the eye sees the paint chip. I like to use a blank piece of paper, this will not only cancel out other colours, it also shows us how the paint will look against white trim and baseboards.

  3. I use the rule of 3 in almost everything I design, including paint. Painting each room a different colour is sensory overload. Try sticking to 3 colours art the most. My general rule of thumb is to paint the main living areas one neutral colour, the master bedroom another (usually a shade or 2 darker than the living areas), and a third if there are young children or babies who like bold or pastel colours like pink blue or green, or older kids who want to select their own colours,

  4. Get test pots! This is key before you commit to painting a whole room or even your house. They are worth the few bucks, and can always be used for crafts or projects if you go in another direction with your colour. Never choose paint from the internet, screens all show colour and light differently.

We have curated 25 of our go-to neutral paint colours, and YES, black is a neutral!

best neutral paint

Still not sure? We are currently offering paint consultations on-line by Zoom or Facetime. Please CONTACT US if you need a hand selecting the perfect paint for your home, we would be pleased to help.

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