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Install a gallery wall like a pro

Gallery walls are big right now. The trick is to have them look like art, rather than a collection of random things haphazardly thrown on the wall. I am a BIG fan of being linear in my designs, that being said, gallery walls are a place where you can experiment with layout and placement and seek perfection in the imperfect.

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I have done several gallery walls lately for clients, aswell in my own home. Many are families looking to incorporate family photos, without it looking like Sears photo gallery. Some ways to add interest and colour is include some of your childs framed artwork.

Others are looking to have more of a formal gallery wall, using only art or prints.

Whatever your preference, a gallery wall can include pretty much anything.

My favourite way to break up a gallery wall and not make it appear overly formal is to inject some texture into the gallery. Installing things like mini wall hung planters like these from CB2 (made by Umbra). I added these to my personal gallery wall, and willed them with fake plants from Trims in North Vancouver. I will never buy a real plant again, they are incredibly real looking! Adding small pieces like antlers, small shelves, sculptural art, a mirror or clock, wooden pieces, that bring depth to the wall will help you achieve a casual and interesting focal point.

Photo credit CB2

Below is a preview of my personal gallery wall. I am still deciding on what to put in the large frame at the bottom and the triangle shelf. I think I will get my talented 8 year old artist to draw something special for the frame. I purchased a few prints from Wallzilla on Etsy, a map of my hometown from The Neighbourhood Unit, an oversized clock from IKEA, some prints I made myself, and the wood art and triangle shelf were made by yours truly. (PS. There are a TON of free printable available online, or for very cheap that are instantly downloaded to your computer. You're welcome :)

Here are a few gallery walls that really stand out to me, perhaps they will offer you some inspiration for your own home. As you can tell, Pinterest has a wealth of ideas to suit any style or budget. Another thing to consider when planning your gallery wall is frame colour. Do you go all black? All white? Combo? I opted for all black on my wall as I was going for a more modern look.

This gallery is perfection to me. The mix of materials, furniture and styling of accessories are on point.

Photo credit: The Crafted Sparrow

Photo credit: Pinterest

Gallery walls aren't just for hallways or living rooms. Add a small gallery wall in your bedroom for an added touch of your personal style.

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Photo credit: Pinterest

Be different, and make a boring hallway stand out with a mini gallery and a bold paint colour at the end of the hall.

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Using shelves or picture ledges to display your favourite things is another way to add visual interest to your wall. Think outside the box! Try these picture ledges from IKEA for an inexpensive option.

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I love the simplicity of monochromatic designs like this one. I find that lack of colour to be soothing, without being too stark or boring.

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Going back to the topic of linear (I can't help it, I'm a Virgo), if that's more your style, there's no shortage of ways to have a perfectly symmetrical gallery wall.

Photo credit: i.shelterness.com

Last but not least, ALWAYS consult a professional to install your gallery. (kidding. I nearly killed myself at this install). This decorating project will be up on the blog soon!

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