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If you are like most of us, and have started working from home, or if you already work from home, here are 10 tips to keep you on track and productive.

  1. KEEP YOUR REGULAR SCHEDULE - Set your work schedule like you would at the office, take breaks, allocate your tine, and end your day at your usual time and spend it with family. Don't become a slave to your work just because you are at home. Start again tomorrow.

  2. SET YOUR ALARM - although it may seem like a great opportunity to sleep in, even just a bit, or end your day early, maintaining your regular routine will keep you on track and focused.

  3. GET DRESSED - working in your PJ's is a productivity killer. Being in the mindset that you are at work, and not home, will have you mentally and physically prepared to hop on a conference video chat and ready to take on the day. It makes us feel good to be "dressed for success"

  4. TAKE BREAKS - breaks are an important part of your day. They allow us to eat, get up and move and recharge. Take a quick walk on your lunch break, after you eat of course.

  5. STRETCH - sitting in a chair all day is bad for our bodies. Get up and move, do a few simple stretches throughout the day to avoid aches and pains

  6. CREATE A DEDICATED WORK SPACE - if you don't usually work from home and don't have a home office, create a dedicated work space for your self, one that you don't have to put away at the end of each work day.

  7. GET YOURSELF A COMFORTABLE CHAIR - ergonomics are important, especially if your work is usually done sitting at a desk. Do not use a dining chairs, they are not designed for sitting for long periods of time. Amazon and Staples are great places to on-line shop.

  8. STICK TO WORK - it's tempting to multi-task and do household chores or errands, but keep those for after work. It's easy to get distracted from your work, and can be even harder to get back on track. You wouldn't do your laundry at the office, don;t do it while working from home. Stay focused!

  9. LISTEN TO MUSIC - this is a must for me. Good tunes motivate me, especially during tasks that I don't enjoy (ahem, bookkeeping). I also love lighting a good scented candle.

  10. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE - it's going to be a challenge in the coming weeks not to get cabin fever if you are working from home. It's important t get outside but with not very many places to go right now, take walks after work, work on your yard or garden, work on a hobby you can do outdoors, or simply sit on the patio with a cup of tea or glass of wine to unwind after work.


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